Rights of data subjects

The legislation does not bring about significant changes in the rights of data subjects, but some rights are new and others are regulated. Data subjects (recipients, senders, but also employees and couriers, etc.) may exercise some of their rights in accordance with the legal title and the purpose of processing their personal data. In short, data subjects have the following rights (however, they are not absolute rights and it is therefore not possible to apply them in all cases with regard to the purposes of the legal title of processing)

  1. The right to information – to inform the subject in the so-called information obligation (privacy notice on the web) about basic information, the minimum of which is specified in the regulation is the principle of transparency.
  2. Right of access to the PD – the data subject has the right to obtain a statement of the information that the controller keeps about him (what personal data, purpose, time, resources, rights, recipients, etc.) and is again linked to the principle of transparency.
  3. Right to correct and supplement – the subject has the right to correct incorrect or supplemented missing information.
  4. Right to delete / forget – the subject has the right to delete the information that the administrator keeps about him, if possible.
  5. Right to restrict processing – in the legitimate or public interest
  6. Right of portability (only automated processing and at the same time consent or performance of the contract)
  7. The right to object – in the legitimate or public interest
  8. The right not to be the subject of automated decision-making, including profiling